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January 11 - Flip Flops to Snow Shoes

Picture of the Day

Thanks for all the emails, yes I made it home fine. It's a haul from Buenos Aires to the Boston suburbs - 24 hours door-to-door - but both flights were on-time and uneventful. I saw Craig off to Ushuaia and his Antarctic adventure early Thursday morning, and his ship steamed out of port on Saturday afternoon. I probably won't communicate with him again until the 23rd; calls via satellite phone are USD3.00 per minute, and emails cost USD1.00 per kilobyte.

A bit of culture shock coming home. Friday afternoon I was having my last dulce de leche ice cream in 95-degree sunshine, then Saturday afternoon I was navigating the ice on my driveway, and today - after 6 inches of snow overnight - I was raking the roof and shoveling snow (in the interest of full disclosure, the above photo was taken in December, but frankly raking snow off one's roof looks the same no matter when it happens). I just wonder how long it will take for my tan to fade.

I'll post tonight about the parks in Palermo, San Telmo on a weekday, and final observations about BsAs. I have laundry to do first!

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  1. Valyn, Thank you for the great journey with you and Craig through pictures and text. I feel like I've been there - except there was no picture of the dog poop. Will Craig do a journal each day to go with some of his pictures?
    Much love,



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